Gregor Davies

Exile mechanic who lost leg in an arborian ambush. Now has mechanical leg. Faithful to Copperton by questions conflict with Arborians.


Blunt weapons
Mechanical crafting
Mechanical engineering
Military organization
Driving: Trucks


Exile mechanic; working in military; scouting in jungle; driver, worked on vehicles; has some fighting skills, but not a true warrior; early 40s; went doomed mission where entire squad was killed; Gregor was severely wounded and lost right leg; Arborians left him alive; Gregor blacked out and does not know why he was spared; has fleeting memories of Arborians not killing him when they had the chance; Exile scout found him and carried him back to the subterranean sanctuary of Copperton; not married, no kids; one surviving parent (mom); close with mom; one younger brother – strained relationship, he is more successful (he is a guild leader);

Favorite thing: working on engine (its zen like)
Most hated: lying; corruption
Proudest accomplishment:
Greatest regret: not starting a family
World view: Faithful to Copperton; question concept that exiles and arborians can’t coexist
Faith: None
Indulgences: smokes, drinks
Love: None
Most important person: mom (Norma)
Enemy or nemesis:

Appearance: 6 foot, thin, clean cut, dress neat; short dark brown hair, may grow stubble, goggles, misses right leg, no significant scaring or burns.

Favored weapon: Pistol; heavy wrench
Demeanor: Cautious and analytical; introvert; normal mood

Gregor Davies

Shards: Arboria Swampfox01