Tynar Ethiar

Tall, medium build Arborian Philospher, Teacher, and Pacifist


Martial arts – kicks
Climbing – woodland
Realm of Nature
Plant Lashing
Realm of Health
Treat or cause wounds
Treat or cause disease
Mend or harm
Purge poison


Arborian male; found tainted place in woods that was tainted and determined that war with Exiles will destroy the world; believes peace is only solution; Secretly promotes the peaceful view so as not to endanger his life or his family.

Favorite thing: Nature
Most hated: Violence
Proudest accomplishment:
Greatest regret or shame: Participated in a hunt that slaughtered a squad of humans
World view: Peace is the only way forward.
Faith: Very religious – Nature Gods
Indulgences: Chews and smokes weed
Love: None
Most important person: Philosopher who taught Tynar
Enemy or nemesis: Another Arborian who promotes exile genocide

Appearance: Tall, medium build, dark green skin color, dark brown foliage, green eyes

Favored weapon: Staff; martial arts – kicks
Demeanor: calm, throughtful, reserved

Tynar Ethiar

Shards: Arboria Swampfox01