Walton Janx

Exile weapons developer who is a handsome ladies man.


Climbing (woodland)
Stealth (woodland)
Swords (one handed)
Flame/Fluid weapons


Exile from Copperton; Weapons expert; two sisters; parents till alive; close family; one of sisters (diane) also weapons expert; Dad military background; Not in military but works as weapons developer and tester; participated in surface expeditions; questions propaganda about Arborians; 30 years old

Favorite thing: Family
Most hated: Propaganda and manipulation
Proudest accomplishment: Flame thrower developed by her
Greatest regret or shame:
World view:
Faith: Not organized but believes in higher power
Indulgences: a bit whorish but not crude (a well behaved player); misses irony of own manipulative tendencies
Love: none
Most important person: Younger sister (student, 16, Rose)
Enemy or nemesis: Bugs in general, but specifically roaches

Appearance: dark hair, 6-foot, handsome’ strong jaw, muscular but not bulky, …, Scar on cheek from knife fight

Favored weapon: One-handed sword; Flame thrower (prototype developed by her)
Demeanor: Impulsive, spontaneous, extrovert.

Walton Janx

Shards: Arboria Swampfox01